Our specialty coffee shop offers hot and cold espresso-based beverages, hot and cold flavored loose-leaf teas, refreshing sparkling Italian sodas in a variety of flavors, smoothies, frappes, nitro cold brew, hot drip coffee, unique cold brews, sweet pastries and savory sandwiches served fresh daily.  Our world-class Baristas can also customize a beverage of your liking.

Black Dog Records

Whether you are an avid vinyl record enthusiast or are just beginning to grow your stack, our vintage first and early pressings of all the classics would be a great addition to your collection.  With two listening stations boasting LP-120's and individual sets of headphones, you now have the chance to preview your next gem before you purchase it.


With the near-future addition of the social club "Maggie's Jazz & Comedy Club" we will be offering live jazz music Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays as well as stand-up comedy and comedic skits on Tuesdays and Thursdays.  Bring your own bottle of wine and we will be happy to uncork it for you and provide you with wine glasses at no cost.

What We Do

Espresso & Vinyl has combined the two simple luxurious of life, music and coffee.  Offering the "third place" away from home or away from the office, you can listen to the warm, analog sound of vinyl records while enjoying some of the finest beverages in the City.

With the near-future addition of the social club, you can now enjoy an inexpensive and relaxing night out through the week.  There is always something to do at our spot.  Enjoy a cappuccino and pastry before work, have a sandwich and browse the vinyl record bins during lunch or after work, and experience live music and comedy on an evening.

We believe in serving only the finest of experiences to our customers.  Whether it be the friendly customer service of our Baristas, the high quality of our beverages, the near-mint condition of our vinyl records, or the professional musical and comedic live acts, we continue to strive to offer the best in all that we do.  We also appreciate any feedback in person or on our many social media platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or YELP to ensure that we are providing you with exactly what you want and that we are living up to your expectations as a customer and friend.